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Frequently Asked Questions

: Is it true you offer driving lessons from age 10 ?
Driving Lesson Questions
Yes it's true. We offer off road driving tuition for pupils aged 10 and over at our off road facility in Hamilton just of the M74. Lessons are provided by fully trained and qualified ADIs (Approved Driving Instructors) in dual control road cars with full insurance and liability cover. This ensures that students are in a safe learning environment which is both educational and fun. We have been providing off road under age driving lessons for over a decade now and it is the perfect treat for kids but also serves as a great pre 17 educational tool for instilling car control plus safety knowledge in their mind at an age where they absorb information very quickly indeed. We've also found that pupils who have taken off road lessons before their 17th birthday pass their on road driving test quicker by utilising the knowledge they have gained off road.

: Is this legal and what about insurance?
Driving Lesson Questions
Yes, it is perfectly legal because we are on private ground and have specialised insurance which specifically covers us for this age group.

: Are the cars in the pictures the ones I will learn in?
Driving Lesson Questions
Almost.... all of our cars are driving school cars and due to the fact we prefer newer models the cars do change quite frequently and there is no guarantee you will get a car pictured on this website or our other adverts.

: Is the off-road driving restricted to a certain day or time?
Driving Lesson Questions
NO. Although the weekends are more popular we can provide lessons most days subject to instructor and venue availability. At Hamilton we can provide lessons from 9am to 9pm. Weekends have proved to be very popular due to students being at school or work through the week so it is advisable to book well in advance!

: Do I have to book a block of lessons for off-road?
Driving Lesson Questions
There is no pressure to book in blocks or take a set amount of hours. Our only recommendation is that you take a two-hour booking at a time as this is better for you from a learning point of view. Most of our students book a regular 2-hour slot on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or 6-week basis, therefore structuring their training towards turning 17 and going "out on the road"!

: Do I need a provisional licence or anything else to drive off-road?
Driving Lesson Questions
No provisional licence is required for off-road driving. All you need to bring with you is proof that you are 10 or over (copy of birth certificate, passport etc) and yourself!

: How many hours off-road should I have before going on public roads?
Driving Lesson Questions
Anything between 8 and 12 hours off-road will give you a great start towards driving on public roads, but we will be delighted to see you as often as you wish to book! We have students at all ages who enjoy it so much they book every fortnight! It's recreational too!

: Can I take ordinary lessons on the road with you when I'm 17?
Driving Lesson Questions
Yes. We can continue your driver training from off-road all the way through to your official driving test.

: Do I get picked up for an off-road lesson?
Driving Lesson Questions
No. You will need to make your own way to the racecourse for your lesson. If we were to pick off-road students up then a portion of your time would be wasted on travelling. We want you to get the best value for your money and that means your whole time spent driving! Once you are 17 and taking lessons on the road you will be picked up for your lesson.

: Is it only under-age driving that you do?
Driving Lesson Questions
No. We offer a wide variety of driver training services including: 'L' Tuition for 17+, Theory Tuition (including Hazard Perception), Intensive Driving Courses, Parking Courses, Pass Plus Tuition, Advanced Driving Courses, Fleet Training Services and much more.

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